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Around the World in Eighty Days

The Tempest


1 What (and who) causes the storm?
2 Why does the storm stop?
3 Who was Prospero before he came to the island?
4 Why were Prospero and Miranda forced to leave Milan?
5 Why does Ariel love Prospero?
6 What does Ariel do to help Prospero?
7 Why do Caliban and Prospero hate each other?
8 How does Ariel lead Ferdinand to Miranda?
9 Why can't Alonso and Antonio eat the food from the banquet they find?
10.How does Ariel stop Caliban, the butler, and the jester from harming
11.Who are the new queen and king of Naples?
12.What does Ariel become at the story's end?
13.What happens to Caliban?


1 Did you like The Tempest? Why or why not?
2 Do you think Caliban is unfairly treated by Prospero?
3 Why do you think Prospero forgives Alonso and Antonio?
4 How did Prospero get his magical powers?