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Daniel Keyes “Flowers for Algernon”


1 In what format is the story written? What effect does this have on our understanding of the events
that take place?
2 Who is the narrator of the story? What details does he provide about himself, and what can we infer
about him?
3 Who is Algernon?
4 What experiment did the doctors perform on Charlie?
5 What is the purpose of Charlie’s progress reports?
6 How do Charlie’s workmates (“friends”) at the factory treat him? When does he start to realize that
they aren’t his friends? As he becomes smarter, how do people start to behave differently around him?
7 What changes are noticeable in his progress reports?
8 After the gap of two weeks of not writing, what do we learn from Charlie (May 15)?
9 At the height of his intelligence, what problems does Charlie encounter?
10 Progress Report #13: What happened? What were the conclusions of Charlie’s own research?

Kurt Vonnegut “2 B R 0 2 B”


1 Write a summary (one paragraph) of the story.
2 Why wasn’t Wehling happy about the birth of his children? How did he resolve the problem?
3 Why did three people have to die for the triplets to live?
4 What had the world been like in the year 2000?
5 What do you think of this society? Do you worry about overpopulation in the future?