Школа иностранных языков
15 мая – Международный День Семьи  (объявлен Генеральной Ассамблеей ООН в 1993 году).

У нас уже стало традицией проводить конкурсы по поводу подобных событий.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию лучшие работы наших учащихся.

0-2 Katya Illarioshkina (Катя Иллариошкина)

7c Anna Smetleva (Анна Сметлева)

8a Grisha Kuznetsov (Гриша Кузнецов)

8d Andrey Vasilyev and 9c Katya Vasilyeva (Андрей и Катя Васильевы)

8d Anya Rodenkova (Аня Роденкова)

8d Liza Lymar (Лиза Лымарь)

My name is Liza. I am 8 years old. This is my mom, her name is Tanya. She works in the bank. This is my dad, his name is Pavel. He works in an office. This is my grandma. Her name is Olga. She doesn’t work now. This is my aunt, her name is Oksana. She works in an office. This is my brother, his name is Roma. He is a student. This is my dog, his name is Weis.

9a Kristina Marchenko (Кристина Марченко)

This is my family in Greece. Mum, dad and I. On that day we went out to the dinner. Suddenly we asked somebody to take a picture. And after that we went to have dinner.

9b Alina Vertepova (Алина Вертепова)

My family isn’t very big. There are 4 of us: my mother, my grand father, grandmother and i. My mother’s name is Julia. She is 45. She works in Gasprom and she likes her work very much. My grandfather Andrew is 70. He is an engineer. He is always busy. My grandmother’s name is Valentina. She is 69. She works around the house and helps me with my homework. My family is very friendly. We usually go to the café. And I love my family very much. There are a lot of holidays. I always celebrate them with my nearest and dearest. My favourite holiday is Easter. It’s a religious holiday. We celebrate it in March or April. On Easter Sunday I eat chocolate eggs and kulich.

9b Liza Roytberg (Лиза Ройтберг)