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21 марта отмечается Всемирный день поэзии. В этом году наши ученики с преподавателями читали и обсуждали одно из самых знаменитых стихотворений, написанных на английском языке: William Wordsworth “I wandered lonely as a cloud”, которое часто называют “Daffodils” (“Нарциссы”). 
Кроме этого, у нас проходил конкурс стихов и стихотворных переводов, к которому ребята написали много прекрасных стихотворений, а также проиллюстрировали их.

Ниже вы можете увидеть лучшие работы наших учеников, а предваряет их знаменитое стихотворение Уильяма Вордсворта.

Kononova Liza (11a-2 group) 

Ryzhikova Ulyana (12a group)
Перевод стихотворения "Легенда о мягком золоте" Вячеслава Доронина.

Sim Marina (11b-1 group)

Anne Chulyukina (16b group)

Nobody loves the sun
Like a blind man does.
When the damage is done,
When the only left is us.

Put away your arms,
Take your comrade’s hand and
Loose the ropes that tie you down.
We do not have to play pretend!

I think I’m kind of loosing
Track of what we’re fighting for,
Having hard time choosing
How to live through one day more.

Everybody thought I’m lost
You thought that I’m lost too…
I may not believe in cause
But I believe in you. 

Vika Geyn (12b group)

When the spring is coming
The sun becomes so bright
The grass is green
And birds are singing.
It’s summer sunny day!

The water is sparkling.
It’s clean and blue.
So you can see how fish are swimming…
It’s summer sunny day!

I am sitting on the hill, 
Silence, only wind is blowing…
Birds are singing about this
Summer sunny day!

Kuznetsov Grisha (11b-1 group)

In summer we all are having fun.
Playing outside in the sun.
We can move so far above,
We have a lot of time to move.
We can reach a lot of heights,
We must turn on a lot of lights.
Will life have to be so boring?
No, we’ll have to do a good thing.

Glazunova Liza (16a group)

The spring is coming
With her fast steps.
And snowdrifts are melting under 
Her feet.
Black thawed patches
Are seen on the pastures
As if spring’s feet warm them up.

Blumkin Andrew (9b group)

This is my house 
In the house we have a mouse.
In the kitchen
We eat the chicken.
In my room
Oh, no boom!

Vasilieva Katya (12b group)

You need to just believe.

I was alone,
I didn’t want to go on.
And then I saw my mobile phone,
There was: you just need to believe!

I cried hurray,
And then I understood that I am not alone,
There were two words: just rain.

I had no thoughts, what was it?
I saw a flower, all alone, just one.
I picked it up and brought it to my upset mum. 
And said: “Don’t throw it, please.
You just need to believe”.

Fyodorova Polina (10d group)

Translation of a poem by Vadim Levin.
Перевод стихотворения Вадима Левина.
Has built his own house
Without floor, without walls
Without door, without holes.
But Wiki-Waki-Woki-Mouse
Likes a lot his own house.

Sings his own carzonet.
Without words, without notes.
Is stroking tummy and his head.
He knows all about that.

Liza Roytberg (11b-2 group)


We can save our planet

If we don’t drop litter.


If we save the wild animals

We can save them together.


We can’t save it

If we start dropping litter.


We can do it or save it

If we do it together.

Vertepova Alina (11a-2 group)

Translation of a Poem by Sergey Esenin “Cherry Snow Sprinkles”

Перевод стихотворения Сергея Есенина «Сыплет черемуха снегом»

Cherry snow sprinkles,
Greenery in bloom and covered in dew.
In the field, tending to the shoots,
Rooks go in a line.

Silk grass is drooping,
The pine smells of resin.
Oh you, meadows and groves,
I am intoxicated by spring.

Secret news
Is growing in my soul.
I am thinking about my bride,
Only singing about her.

Fall, you, cherry snow,
You sing, little birds, in the forest.
Running across the fields
I'll spread the blossom around.

Agarkova Aleksandra (11a-2 group)

Translation of a Poem by Ludmila Vladimirova “White Horses”

Перевод стихотворения Людмилы Владимировой «Белые лошади»

The mist was drifting low over the river…

Their silent footsteps in the darkness,

In the milky cold calm

Invisible on the narrow path,

Which pierced from the edge of the cliff

The valley and the gloomy wood,

Where the air, sad like a prisoner,

Was hidden under the branches of trees,

Where the eagle-owl was whooing alarmingly, -

The horses were walking through the wild grass…

…And the night they were passing through

Was falling into the pearly fog.