Школа иностранных языков

21 марта – Всемирный день поэзии. Как всегда, мы отметили его объявлением конкурса, посвящённого этому событию. В этом году представлено намного больше работ по сравнению с предыдущим годом. Особенно порадовали нас младшие школьники. Предлагаем Вашему вниманию эти работы.

Chesheva Anna (7а group)

My Cat
I love my cat,
Its name is Marusya,
It sleeps in my bed.
I am very, very happy!

Paskhina Tanya (7а group)

Happy Easter!
Happy day!
Time to laugh,
And time to play.
Bunny cakes and tea in mugs,
Lots of smiles and lots of hugs!

Kuznetsov Miron (7b-1 group)

I cry when I do my homework,
I smile when I play.
I cry when I cut the onion,
I smile when it’s a sunny day!

Marchenkov Leonid (7b-2 group)

Happy Pupil
I am much happier now
Because I have some time to sleep.
My grades are much better now
Because I have a wonderful cat called Pip.
It greets me at the door with “meow”
And can’t wait to read my books.
He does my maths and science,
So it’s impossible not to say “wow”
When you see him writing a text with his paw.
And now I want to say:
“Thanks, Pip, for being my good friend!”

Mikhailenko Liza (7b-2 group)

Fomchenko Artem (7c group)

I love my teddy bear,
It’s very nice and
It has got brown hair.
It can sing and dance.
I like to play with him every time!

Shepeleva Lena (7с group)

Matkovskaya Sofa (7с group)

Bykova Yana (8а group)

Black cat, cat,
Red cat, cat,
Grey cat, cat,
I like cats!

Season My mother likes summer,
I like, too!
My dad likes winter,
I like, too!
My uncle likes autumn,
I like, too!
My aunt likes spring,
I like, too!
I like all seasons,
I like all seasons: summer, winter, autumn, spring!

Smetleva Varya (8a group)

My snowman is so nice!
I like his hat.
I like his eyes.
I like his nose.
It’s big and red.
My snowman
Is nice and fat.
It plays with a ball.

Mukhortin Seva (8b group)

Buryak Alex (8b group)

I like to play football,
But my friend likes to play basketball.
We are both good guys,
And doing sports is so nice!

Savchenko Artem (8b group)

Beautiful spring has come,
It has brought us a lot of flowers,
Funny birds’ songs
And cool mood!

Nikolaeva Tanya (8b group)

Vladimirova Arina (9a group)

To Mу School «Samantha»
I like my English school –
It’s really very cool!
We learn and we read,
We play and we sing!

I like my lessons
And my exercises.
It can be difficult -
But it`s so exciting!

And when I plan my journeys -
There is no need to worry:
I speak English very well,
I can show and explain!

Dmitrieva Sofia (9с group)

Перевод стихотворения А. Барто «Наша Таня громко плачет»
Our Tanya
Our Tanya is loudly crying,
To the river her ball is flying.
Please, don’t cry, enough of tears,
This ball is not gonna drown, my dear!

Kuznetsov Philip (9с group)

Rabbit is jumping in the garden,
It has got four paws.
It keeps asking for carrots
But he only gets an eggplant!

Soboleva Polina (10а group)

Everyone Is Playing
I’m a cat,
I am playing on the mat.
I’m a fox,
I am playing in the box.
I’m a boy,
I am playing with my toy.
I’m a girl,
I am playing with my doll.
I’m a frog,
I am playing on the log.
I’m a dog,
I am playing with the frog.
I’m a hare,
I am playing with the bear.

Smetleva Anya (10a group)

My Cat
There was a cat.
The cat was red.
I love this cat so much!
I eat with him,
I sleep with him,
I play with him,
I dream with him!
My cat is very kind:
He washes my car all night.
My cat is very clever:
He always does my work.
My cat is very talented:
He sings and dances with me.
I want that cat
Because he’s just my dream.

Vinogradova Lena (10a group)

Kudoyarov Gleb (11b group)

White Sail
Перевод стихотворения М. Лермонтова «Белеет парус одинокий…»

The sail is white and lonely
In the fog of the blue sea.
What is he looking for in a distant country?
What has he left in the land of his own?

The waves are playing, the wind is whistling,
And the mast is bending and creaking…
Alas! He is not looking for happiness,
And not from happiness he is running!

Below him is a jet of bright azure,
Above him is a golden beam of sun…
But he, rebellious, is seeking for storms
As if there were silence in the storms.

Fedorova Polina (11d group)

Kononova Liza (12а-2 group)

Roytberg Liza (12b-1 group)

Mamilov Ibragim, Kireev Egor, Vilgota Valery, Tsyrlin Artem (12c-2 group)

The weather gets better,
The birds return home.
I don’t need to wear a sweater,
In the garden there’s a gnome.
The snow has gone.
We see the first flowers,
Spring brings us new dawn,
Spring gives us new powers.

Abubekarova Kira (14a group)

How I can trust some people?
How can I tell them the truth?
I know that it is so simple
But I need some proof.
Why do I need to trust some people?
For hearing a new lie?
Sometimes I want it but a little
When I have a person that I love.
Where is honesty in a person?
Where is his confidence, you know?
I hope that answer is in the soul
You need to give it to us, but full.