Школа иностранных языков

В течение марта мы проводили конкурсы, посвященные Всемирному Дню Поэзии и Любимым сказкам. Мы гордимся успехами наших ребят и предлагаем познакомиться с их работами.

7a Rabinovitch Milana

It’s so nice to live in the world

You can buy sweets at school café.

I can eat a sandwich at school.

And eat the whole cake for my birthday.

7c Belova Alina

Chicken Licken

One day Chicken-Licken was walking under the nut tree. Band – the nut fell on his head. “Oh, no! the sky is falling!” – screamed Chicken-Licken. He ran and ran and met a Hen-Len. He told her that the sky was falling and they ran together. They ran and ran and met the Cock-Lock. They told him that the sky was falling and they ran together. They ran and ran and met a Duck-Luck. They screamed: “The sky is falling! Run!”. The Duck-Luck said to them: “No, the sky is not falling! Take a look!”. They looked up in the sky. The sky wasn’t falling. She showed them the nuts and explained that was the nut, but not the sky. “Oh, no!” said the Chicken-Licken.

9b Zolotova Vika

Translation of A.Barto “We are at the zoo”

There is a white bear!

Does she live among the ice?

The blizzard and sleet

The bears are not scared!

Oh, there is a little bear!

The child is only a year old!

He has such boots,

You are not afraid of ice.

It’s dinner! It’s dinner! They carry lunch.

No more patience to wait.

If you don’t give him dinner,

He will eat the neighbour.

The little sable

Has special meal.

Everybody takes care of him

And feed by the clock.

And he is quick-witted

He knows how to suck.

It’s a silent hour in the zoo

Just as we have

They lie and we lie.

We all have the same schedule.

9d Rodenkova Anna

9d Fyodorova Polina

9d Lymar Liza

Brave dog

It is a very old fairy tale about the people and the animals. Beautiful Queen Josephina goes to the castle of the animals together with her favourite dog Balto. Balto is very clever. She is a queen of animals. She loves all animals and birds. There is an angry and mean wolf in the forest. The terrible wolf roars and scratch but Balto is not afraid. He is a brave dog, he can help his queen. Balto saved Josephina and they went to the castle. The end.

10c Dudchenko Anya

This is a story of a hero

Who has captured himself in the mirror.

He has left his wife and his pet dragon.

That poor dragon’s name was Megan.

He has left his son at school,

And forgot there his repairing tool.

So this hero looks like a total fool.

Group 10c

Hello people.

My name is “Pricle”

I like good books,

And I like my beagle.

My beagle’s name is Toby.

He doesn’t even know me.

If you give him food

He wants to be very rude.

In face, he may be quite regal.

11a Osipov Sasha

I feel like a lot of people can relate

To never failing love for all cookies on my plate.

Sweet, delicate, chocolate chip.

I glance at the milk then take a sip.

Even raisin, sugar or oat meal

Because any kind of cookie is a good idea!

11a Ryzhikova Uliana

There are cold days

But soon they will be hotter.

The spring is coming slowly, I know.

It’s time to tell the fairy tales to others.

And go for a walk – there are some places to go!

On sunny days, the birds sing in the trees,

And flowers bloom and give nectar to bees!

11a Belogortseva Sofia & Frolova Veronika

Food, food

Beautiful food

All kinds of food

Are very good.

Food, food

Beautiful food

This food is made for me!

Chocolate, ice cream, pizza and pasta.

Salads and fruits.

All kinds of food

Are very good!

11a Strelnikov Sasha


On a summer day

It’s rainy or sunny

But either way

I find it fun

To stand in the rain that’s pouring down

Or lie in the sun

That’s paints me brown.

11a Zhandarmova Varya

I love to draw very much!

I need two pencils,

And one rubber

And more paper.

I want to draw wolves

But no, two wolves,

Of five foxes…

But no, it’s so easy…

I want to draw…

I want to draw people

But what people?

They will be famous people!

But who are they?

Group 12b

12b Rogozhina Nadya

Winter is gone

Spring will come

But summer, autumn can wait for us

But we will wait.


The sun is shining

Just like my friends

And we will wait

And we will come

Into your room

Into your life

Because we must talk

About your lie,

About your words,

About your dreams,

About your thoughts.

And why you want to shine

Just like the Sun

In the spring sky!

13b Matosyan Diana

Summer, you are a beautiful time of the year!

How beautiful to look out the window in the evening,

Better for us to see exactly is not given.

The sunset and beautiful moon,

Sleeping until day is becoming visible.

The sunset makes the whole sky look lit up with paint.

As if an artist paints his creation.

The flowers sleeping and all nature sleep.

Summer, you are a beautiful time of the year!

What is this heaven?

And the stars will shine here.

And the month is silver and precious,

Like a miracle of heaven, you are priceless!

9a Zubrilina Anna

10a Sporyshev Arseny

Translation of a poem. Robert Rozhdestvensky “Man needs little” 1973.

Man needs little

To seek

And find,

But first of all

To have one friend

And one enemy.


Man needs little

A path leading straight ahead,

That his mom lives in the world,

That her life would be as long as she wants.


Man needs little

After thunder – silence.

A blue patch of fog.

To have one life

And one death to have.

In the morning a fresh newspaper,

A unity with the man.


And only one planed: the Earth,

Of course and nothing more!

Also an interstellar road

And dreams of speed.

It’s in essence – just a bit.

It’s a trifle

Not a great prize.

Not a podium indeed.


Man doesn’t need much

And one thing –

To know

That someone

Waits for him at home.

10b-2 Roytberg Liza

The little moon bird comes from a big blue egg. Because moon birds are from Aflara. Our world is Ostula and the world where time rules is Aflara. They grow up quickly. And adult moon bird has wings, strong beak and strong talons. They are popular because they have beautiful feathers because the colour of feathers are silver and blue. This color isn’t accidentally. Moon birds eat moon light. But when they are small, they eat white bread and drink water from the lake when the moon is out. Moon birds are very good friends.