Школа иностранных языков

21 марта отмечался Международный День Поэзии. Мы объявили конкурс на лучшие стихи и переводы. Многие ребята откликнулись и приняли участие в конкурсе. Представляем вам эти работы.


Katie Vasileva

My wish

I like my kitten so much!

It’s so soft to touch and touch!

But such a pity for my joy

That this is only little toy!

My wish is huge and very strong

To have real kitten all day long!

I wait and wait and always knew

My wish one day is coming true!



7b Alekseeva Tatiana (Алексеева Татьяна)

Cat and rat

The cat is on the red hat, 
The rat is on the red hat, 
The cat’s doll is on the rat’s door,
The rat’s horse is on the cat’s floor,
The cat’s fox is on the rat’s box, 
The rat’s box is on the cat’s box.



8b Yunatskaya Nastya (Юнацкая Настя)

Translation of a poem by A.Barto.

Перевод стихотворения А.Барто «Помощница»

8d Rodenkova Anna (Роденкова Анна)

Fairy tale “The cat and the rat”


The fox is red. It lives in the forest.
It likes to eat meat. And it goes to the rabbit’s home in the forest. 
But rabbit sleeps under the tree. And the fox leaves its home.



8dLymar Liza (Лиза Лымарь)

The lion is orange in the zoo.
The fox is red in the forest.
The dog is black in the kennel.
The bear is brown in the den.



9a. Buzykina Sofiya (Бузыкина София)

My cat.



One, two, three, four, five,
Yesterday I learned to fly.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
Now I can fly very well.



9b Roytberg Liza (Ройтберг Лиза)

Funny dinner.

Time to dinner, time to eat.
I eat for dinner milk and water.
I drink for dinner chicken and meat.


Good time.

I’m having a good time,
I’m painting my father’s face,
I’m drawing on my wall,
I’m playing with my brother
I’m watching TV,
We are having a good time 
With my mother and me.


My grandparents.
Grandmother is flying to see London!
Grandfather is helping with math!
I love my grandmother and grandfather.
I love my grandmother because she is kind.
I love my grandfather because he is clever.
And I love my other grandmother because she is good.


I’m flying to London by plane.
I want to visit it again.
This town is friendly to me.
I am happy to meet my London.



9b Bayunova Julia (Баюнова Юлия)




9b Nikolskaya Lilia (Никольская Лилия)

I love Samantha

Samantha is a super school.
It is smart and very cool
Samantha has teachers.
Teachers and us make pictures.
Samantha is a super school.
I love it! And it’s cool!



9e Kononova Liza (Кононова Лиза)

I’m sitting on the pond, fish rod fishing,
How many fish can wait to hurry to catch her,
Put in a bucket of fish, get in the car, take away and bring to dinner.



10a Frolova Veronika (Фролова Вероника)

A dog is big but not a frog.
A dog is lazy, but not a cat.
A dog is friendly, but not my mom.
Dogs like mean, like a sweet.
I love dogs, but not their paws.
They didn’t like pears, but I like these.
I walked the dogs or jumped with frogs.



10a Ryzhikova Uliana (Рыжикова Ульяна)

A cat is cute
And it never wears a suit,
It sleeps all day
And sometimes likes to play.
Cats also like food
They think it’s so good.
They like milk,
But I do not,
I prefer silk, 
And I like hot.


Oh year, or year
All twelve months are here!
My favourite month is a May
Because all days in it 
Are so sunny, hot and sweet,
And also happy, aren’t they?



10a Borshch Yulia (Борщ Юлия)


Winter is snowy, 
Winter is cold
It isn’t sunny 
But I am not sad.
Ice is on water 
And birds didn’t sing,
I like this season,
No more anything.
I like to walk 
And I can’t sit
I am so funny 
I also like skate.



10a Osipov Sasha (Осипов Саша)

Hockey is a very good sport,
You can fall on the ice,
You can be a goalie, 
You can be an attacker, 
You can be a trainer,
Don’t care to be 
But you are you a treasure.



11a Arseny Sporyshev (Спорышев Арсений)

Translation of a poem by A.Plescheev

Перевод стихотворения А.Плещеева «Травка зеленеет»

Grass becomes greener,
Sun becomes brighter;
Swallow with Spring,
Is knocking at the door
Sun with it is fair,
Spring with it is prettier…
Tweet “Hello” as soon as possible
Being on the way to us
I’ll give you corn
And you will sing the song.
That you brought us from outland.



14a Bakhtiarova Sasha, Titova Julia, Razilova Sofia

(Бахтиарова Саша, Титова Юлия, Разилова София).


14c Slyusarev Nikita (Слюсарев Никита)

Translation of a poem by V.Mayakovsky.

Перевод стихотворения В.Маяковского «А вы могли бы».

What about you.

I splashed some colours from a tumbler
And smeared the drab world with emotions,
I charted on a dish of Jelly 
The Jutting cheekbones of the ocean,
Upon the scales of a tin salmon
I read the calls of lips yet mute.
And you,
Could you have played a nocturne 
With just a drainpipe for a flute?



15a Konovalova Alyona (Коновалова Алена)

Spring is coming, spring is coming.
How do you think I know?
I see a flower blooming, 
I know it must be so.
Spring is coming, spring is coming,
How do you think I know?
I see a blossom on the tree,
I know it must be so.
It is the spring time
Winter has gone
Summer time is coming,
It won’t be long.



15a Tretyakova Sasha (Третьякова Саша)

This is my life and I won’t compromise or waste my time.
All I have done I did on purpose because I wanted to do it.
If I was wrong I a very sorry but it happens sometimes.
Sometimes you can’t force how things are working out and what it is about.
If it all was in rain I won’t sigh for a single day.
I’ll do it again and again.



15a Ray Keytlin (Рай Кейтлин)


Broken bones, broken hearts,
Stripped down and torn apart.
A little bit of rust – I am still running.
Counting miles, counting tears,
Twisted roads, shifting gears.
Year after year – it’s all or nothing.
But I am not home, I am not lost
Still holding on to what I got.
I guess I’ve lost everything I had
But I’m not dead, at least yet.
I’m still alive, still unbroken.