Школа иностранных языков

21 марта – Всемирный день поэзии. По традиции мы отметили его объявлением конкурса, посвящённого этому событию. К сожалению, в этом году День поэзии совпал с введением режима самоизоляции, ребята и преподаватели столкнулись со сложной ситуацией. Однако, несмотря на это, ученики порадовали нас своими оригинальным стихами. В конкурсе участвовали, в основном, младшие школьники, многие из которых написали стихи-шутки. Спасибо всем ребятам, приславшим стихи! Спасибо за ваш энтузиазм! Мы надеемся, что вы и в дальнейшем будете развивать свои таланты и интерес к английскому языку!

Представляем Вашему вниманию работы наших учеников.

Tanya Nikolaeva 10b

The spring`s coming

Streams`re running,

Streams`re singing

And ice`s melting

And My heart`s melting too.

And even a stamp`s dreaming to become a tree again

On an April Day.

Happy bumblebee`s singing the spring song.

Happy starlings`re screaming with joy.

Starlings`re screaming in all directions.

The spring`s coming, make way for spring!

Alexander Buryak 10b

Me & my Dog

I live in the flat with my dog,

I’m eating hotdog, not my dog,

I think this is so and so joke

But my favourite animal – dog.

My dog’s eating pizza on sand,

It’s doing without demand

I’ll do with a poem my best

But after we both need a rest

I live in the flat with my dog,

And each day I smile a lot

I’m thinking about foodblog

But my dog’s still waiting hotdog.

Gabdullin Timur, 10b

I love pets

I love pets:

Dogs and cats.

They are cute

And not rude.

They`re popular in the Internet

And especially the cat.

Not the cat itself guys

And his kittens.

They are very nice.

Dog are also popular

In the Internet they`re regular.

Puppies are too cute,

They are absolute.

Kadeev Elisei, 8a-2

Wait for me, and I`ll be back

Savchenko Artem 10 b

Where`s my pet

Where's my little hare?

Look! Under the chair

Where's my little fox?

Look! In the box

Where’s my dog?

Look! In the kitchen.

Polina Fedorova, 14 - B1


A Петрушка

Went to деревушка.

There was a речушка.

She met a strange зверушка

His strange name was Mad Хрюшка

They decided to went to the опушка

While they were going, they saw a пастушка.

Sasha Kudasova, 9b

Small dino

There`s a vet

Who once met

A small dino

Called Marik.

He adopted the dino

Roman Andreev, 9b

True or false?

I’m looking at a cat,

It's wearing a hat,

I'm looking at a sheep,

It's driving a jeep

I'm looking at a snake

It's eating a cake

I'm looking at a bee,

It's drinking tea

Do you thinks it's true?

I don't believe that too.

Fedor Podolskiy, 13d

I’m a tree

I’m a tree.

I like sun

Look like a bee

And doesn't like fun,

Always drinks tea

And always dress in one

With green pea

Who wants to run.

Albert Rudinskiy, 13d


This is Albert

And this is Albert's desk

And this is the floor on which Albert's it stands

And this is the school where it is

And under it is the ground

Danila Kuzin, 13d

School life

In the school I have friends,

But no time to sleep

Dream is a wonderful feeling,

When you just relax

But the school is soon over,

And you can go home

But when you come home,

You should do your homework

Kadeev Elisei, 8a-2

A frog and a dog

A frog and a dog

Lived with a mouse

In a house.

They made honey

And got money.

Eva Fedorova, 7a

I`ve got a cat

I have got a cat.

My cat has got a hat,

It’s hat is red

Lev Fedorov, 7a

My cat

I have got a cat

My cat is red

My cat sleeps on my bed

In my room

Sonya Litovkina, 8a-2

I'm a bee

I'm a bee

Sitting in a tree.

I see a cake

Made for me.

Ania Fabelinskaia, 9b

We have fun

Today we see the sun

And we have fun

We are everyone

We had a run

Sasha is number 1!

Ruslan Karimov, 8a-2

Great fun

It’s great fun

To go out and run

Alina Frolova, 8a-2

A hen

A hen with a pen

Once wrote about a boat

With a dog that likes a hot dog.